Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse (TJSH)

TJSH is known for offering its guests a unique Sushi and Teppanyaki dining experience and doing so with its very own blend of fun and flare at its Alexandria, Virginia locations. It may surprise you to know that TJSH is family owned and operated..

We believe there is always a reason to come together with friends and family and celebrate. Whether it is a birthday or just for fun, TJSH provides an exciting and dynamic dining experience for everyone. Come to TJSH and expect to laugh, be entertained, and have a lot of great food and drinks to enjoy.

We believe delicious and craveable food starts with the basics of quality ingredients. Because we are locally owned, we are able to ensure that all our meats, seafood, and produce meet our quality standards. It’s quality that you can see when you sit down at your dining table.

All of us at TJSH like to deem ourselves as being a “TJSH Family”. Since 1995, we have been serving the Northern Virginia market as a place for locals to come celebrate special occasions year after year and for visitors from afar to experience a unique local offering.